Dear Supporters of Save Middles

Thank you for signing up to support our complaint to the Municipality of Thisted, complaining against 3 wind turbines! We reached out to get your moral support and an indication of your willingness to support us in our struggle to “save Middles” our favorite surf spot in northern Europe.

We received 1.200 supporters sending a strong signal to the community, government and local organizations that the users of Middles are many and with different nationalities.

Now we are reaching out to you again.

This time we need you financial support. We have set up a non-profit organization, “Save Middles”. The financial support will initially be used to pay for the professional help we have been forced to buy. (Legal help).

Show your support by donating whatever you can spare ….. 

Also, we want to thank you for support answering a user survey. The final report is in Danish and attached. The conclusions are translated and attached for you to read. At Save Middles we are very proud to bring these data into the dialogue about the future of surfing in Middles and Cold Hawaii.

Thank you in advance, more information will follow once we are in a position to disclose the information and the results we have.


On behalf of the board of Save Middles,

President, Mikkel Asmussen - Windsurfer, PWA chairman

Vice president Annette Qvistgaard - Kite and athlete at SUP Team Denmark

Nikolaj Mortensen - Windsurfer

Søs Urup Stannov - Windsurfer

Lars Helmersen - Windsurfer and parent to 3 windsurfers

Jan Alstrup - Wind-, Kite- and SUP surfer